Ricardo Ardila

Co-President & Co-Founder of Kinetoscope Productions L.A., LLC.
TV & Film Producer & Casting Director

In 2006, Ricardo finished his studies at the University Manuela Beltrán located in Bogotá, Colombia, gaining his BFA in Cinematography with a focus in Directing and Producing for Film & Television.

During his studies, Ricardo worked in the departments of casting and production at Canal Caracol, one of the major television stations in Colombia. He started as an intern working under Mr. Humberto Rivera, a highly respected and distinguished Colombian casting director, actor, director and producer of film & television. After one year, Ricardo was promoted to the position of casting associate. Soon thereafter, he was promoted yet again and made an associate producer. In total, he worked for Canal Caracol for eight years.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2007, Ricardo began to work for media companies like Fox Sports, Univision, Warner Brothers, Guerilla Hollywood, and the Colombian Cinema Showcase.

In 2012, Ricardo worked as a logger for the television show Q’Viva, produced by Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, and Jamie King.

Ricardo worked as a field producer for both NatGeo and the Emmy Award winning production company Natural 9 Entertainment on the television show Limo Masters, serving as a member of the creative team for two seasons, 2014 & 2015.

In 2016, he worked for America’s Got Talent as a Spanish/English translator facilitating communications between non-Spanish speaking above the line personnel and talent with limited English proficiency.

Once again in collaboration with Natural 9 Entertainment, in 2017 & 2018, Ricardo worked as both a casting producer & a story producer on the international travel show La Gran Sorpresa, which was featured on the Univision Networks.

Presently, Ricardo is delighted to be collaborating with award winning director Juan Zapata as a producer on two projects, The Last Defectors and Two Shots of Tequila, both currently in pre-production.

Ricardo is a proud member of the Television Academy.

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